Property code AA200


Investment property for sale – 3 floor building, business – entertainment centre (restaurant, cafe – bar and event hall). Area of 750 square meters, luxurious construction, near the ski centre of Elatohori, under the mythical Mount Olympos.

The property has 2 possible functions:

  • At the present moment the business is functioning as café and bar on the first floor, and as a restaurant and event hall on the ground floor. It serves for events like baptisms, engagement parties, weddings, etc.

In the semi-basement of 216 sq. m. are rooms such as a kitchen and a food preparation room, storage rooms, a heating room, an office and a room for employees, an elevator, a loading and unloading area, etc.

On the ground floor is a restaurant and an event hall of 282 sq. m., 2 rooms separated by a window wall divider, so that it can be used for 2 different events. When the window wall is opened, it serves well for hosting up to 350 guests.

There are two stone fireplaces that not only keep the guests warm, but also create nice and cozy atmosphere and together with the mood-setting lightning are reminding the old romantic times.

On the first floor of 250 sq. m. is a luxurious café – bar that can offer a nice and relaxing time for customers of any age and interests. Sitting in comfortable round armchairs in front of the fireplaces or on the veranda, the guests can enjoy the beautiful view and the clean mountain air during all the seasons of the year.


  • The second possibility is that the first floor of the property can be transformed into 20 double and triple rooms, and the business can be diversified into a hotel with a capacity to accommodate 55 guests (1 bus). It is probable that the profits will be much higher due to the lack of accommodating facilities in the area of the ski centre of Elatohori.

Except this, that kind of business can provide accommodation also for

  • students on their school trips
  • sport teams for various sport preparations and trainings
  • employees trainings and benefit packages
  • meeting sessions and seminars

The booking is guaranteed for all the winter season, because simply said, there are not enough such facilities in the area!

In the end, it is worth mentioning the European Structural Funds programme support for enterprises in commerce and tourism. There is a possibility of diversification of this property into a hotel unit with a 45% subsidy from State program and EU.

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